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                          Operation Manual of

                           FYF-2 Wind Speed Alarm


                          Compliance with Q/SOJU-2005 Standard









                          Shanghai Fengyun Meteorological Instrument

                          Company Limited   

                          Address: No.494 Zongxin Street Shanghai China

                          Post code: 200071

                          Brief introduction

                          The FYF-2 wind speed alarm measures the real time wind speed (average wind speed of 3 seconds) with a three cup wind speed sensor which has a photoelectric converter. Then FYF-2 compares the real time wind speed with the pre-alarm threshold and alarm threshold automatically and if the measured wind speed is greater than the above thresholds the FYF-2 will give pre-alarm or alarm respectively via sound and optical signal. When the pre-alarm or alarm takes place the FYF-2 can also control the outside equipment via its relay transfer contacts. The FYF-2 can also give analog output signal ( 0 – 4.17V voltage or 0-16.67 mA current  corresponding to 0 – 50 m/s wind speed), which can be used by superior equipment.

                            The construction is simple, the degree of automation is high and the FFY-2 can be used to check the wind speed continuously. So the FYF-2 is very suitable for wind speed measurement and alarm by wind speed sensitive branch such as the airport, the seaport, tower crane and fire control etc.


                          1. The main specifications

                          The range of measurement: 0 – 50 m/s ( 60m/s is optional) 

                          The resolution of measurement: 0.1 m/s

                          The accuracy: ±(0.8 +0.03V) m/s  where V is indicating wind speed

                          Analog output: 0 – 4.17V or 0 – 16.67 mA (corresponding to 0 – 50m/s wind speed) 

                            Alarm level:  2 levels (pre-alarm and alarm)

                           The threshold setting range: 0 – 50 m/s

                           The resolution of alarm threshold setting: 1m/s

                           The storage of the thresholds: The thresholds are stored in EEPROM so they

                          will not be lost even if the power supply is interrupted. 

                           The operating temperature environment:

                                   -40 - +45℃  (for the wind speed sensor)

                                   -10℃ - +45℃  (for FYF-2 main part)

                          The operating humidity environment:

                          < 100 %RH no condensation (for the wind speed sensor)

                                    < 85 %RH                (for FYF-2 main part)

                          Power supply:

                                   Power voltage: 220VAC±10%   50Hz

                                   Power consumption: 5 W

                          The dimensions of the FYF-2: 

                                  Wind speed sensor: Φ185 mm ×250 mm

                                  FYF-2 main part: 240mm ×170mm×100mm

                          Weight of the FYF-2:

                                 Wind sped sensor: 0.7 Kg

                                  FYF-2 main part: 1.3 Kg

                          Converting Table between the wind speed and wind scale

                          Wind scale





                          Wind speed


                          0.3 – 1.5

                          1.6 – 3.3

                          3.4 – 5.4

                          5.5 – 7.9

                          Wind scale





                          Wind speed


                          8.0 – 10.7

                          10.8 – 13.8

                          13.9 – 17.1

                          17.2 – 20.7

                          Wind scale





                          Wind speed


                          20.8 – 24.4

                          24.5 – 28.4

                          28.5 – 32.6

                          > 32.6


                          1. The introduction to operating principle:

                          The construction block diagram of FYF-2 wind speed alarm is shown in Fig.1.

                          The three cup rotator wind speed sensor is adopted in the FYF-2. There is an optical chopper disk on the shaft of rotator. The chopper disk and a photoelectric switch are used to convert the rotating speed of three cup rotator into pulse frequency signal, which is send to FYF-2 main part.

                          After shaping the pulse from the sensor is sent to the timer/counter input port of single chip microcomputer. The FYF-2 main part measures the frequency of the pulse signal and calculates the 3 second running average wind speed every second. Every second the FYF-2 compares the running average wind speed with the pre-alarm threshold and alarm threshold. If the wind speed is greater than the pre-alarm threshold or alarm threshold the FYF-2 will excite the pre-alarm relay or alarm relay and their transfer contacts can be used to control outside equipments. The FYF-2 also gives sound and optical alarm signal.

                          The operator can change the pre-alarm and alarm threshold via the key pad on the front panel. After changing thresholds the values of pre-alarm threshold and alarm threshold will be stored into the EEPROM of the program supervisor chip. When the power is turn on next time, the FYF-2 will read the thresholds from the EEPROM and it is not needed to enter the threshold again unless the change of the thresholds is needed.

                          There is software PWM subroutine which converts the 3 second running average wind speed into the pulse width. The pulse width to voltage convert circuits converts the pulse width signal into a voltage signal (0 – 4.17V) which is direct proportional to 3 second average wind speed. If the current output is needed the voltage/current convert circuits then convert the voltage signal into current signal (0 – 16.67 mA). The analog output signal can be used by superior equipment as wind speed input signal.

                          Some anti-lighting measures are adopted in the input circuits of FYF-2 to increase reliability of FYF-2 in the outdoor environment.

                          There are transformer, rectification circuit, regulator circuit, voltage convert circuit, that convert the 220VAC power supply into 5VDC, 10VDC and -10VDC voltages needed by various parts of FYF-2.


                          1. Installation and Operation of the Instrument:
                            1. The installation of the instrument:

                          The electric wiring of the FYF-2 is shown in Fig.2

                          • The installation of the wind speed sensor
                          • The power supply is 220VAC 50Hz and enters the FYF-2 through the electric cable located at the bottom of the FYF-2.
                          • The 7 pin plug from wind speed sensor should be connected to the socket on the left of FYF-2. The pin definition are listed in the following:

                          Pin 1:  +5VDC    Pin2: 0 VDC    pin3: wind speed signal

                          • The control signals of pre-alarm and alarm, the analog output of wind speed are at the terminals array on the right. The terminals definition are listed in the following:

                          1, 2, 3 : The transfer contacts of pre-alarm

                          (1:normally closed contact  2: normally opened contact  3:transfer contact)

                          4, 5, 6: The transfer contacts of alarm

                          (6:normally closed contact  5: normally opened contact  4:transfer contact)

                          7: +10VDC     8: 0VDC   9: analog voltage output of wind speed

                          10: analog current output of wind speed.

                          • Diagram of electric wiring when analog voltage is needed:
                          • Diagram of electric wiring when analog current is needed:   
                            1. The operation of FYF-2:

                          Please refer to Fig.6 the outlook diagram of the front panel of FYF-2 while you read the operation instruction.

                          4.2.1 the measurement of wing speed:

                            After installation and wiring, press the switch toward <>side to turn on the FYF-2. The LED will display “8.8.8.” for about 1 second to make sure all the segments of the LED display are OK. Then the FYF-2 will measure the wind speed automatically. The FYF-2 displays the 3 second running average wind speed every second at the unit of m/s and at resolution of 0.1 m/s. The measuring range is 0 – 50m/s. Press the <風速/風級> key, the FYF-2 will enters into wind scale display mode and displays wind scale, the range of wind scale is 0 – 12. Press the <風速/風級> key again the FYF-2 will return to wind speed display mode.

                          4.2.2 Pre-alarm and alarm function:

                          • Check and set the pre-alarm and alarm threshold:

                           In the wind speed display mode, press the <功能>key, the FY-2 will enter into pre-alarm setting mode and you can check and changing the pre-alarm threshold.

                          At first the FYF-2 displays the previous threshold of pre-alarm at the resolution of 1 m/s. If you don’t want to change the pre-alarm threshold, press <功能>key again to enter into alarm threshold setting mode. If you want to change the pre-alarm threshold, press the <+1/預告警復原> key to increment pre-alarm threshold (until 60m/s), press <-1/告警復原>key to decrement pre-alarm threshold (until 0m/s). After completion of pre-alarm setting, press the <功能> key to enter into alarm setting mode and the new per-alarm threshold will be stored in FYF-2 to replace the previous one. The new threshold is also stored in EEPROM of supervisor chip to save the thresholds while the power supply is interrupted.    

                            The setting process of alarm threshold is similar to that of the pre-alarm setting and we don’t repeat it here. But pay attention to that the alarm threshold should be greater than pre-alarm threshold. After alarm threshold setting, press <功能> key to return to wind speed measuring mode.

                            When the setting operation is interrupted, in order to prevent the FYF-2 from staying in pre-alarm or alarm setting mode and recover normal operation, the software will bring the FYF-2 back to wind speed measuring mode if there is key stroke within 30 second. The uncompleted setting threshold will be gaven up.

                          • Pre-alarm and alarm function and recovering from pre-alarm and alarm conditions:

                          When the measured wind speed is greater than the pre-alarm threshold the

                          FYF-2 will enter into pre-alarm condition, the pre-alarm indicating lamp (green) will be lit, the buzzer beeps out an un-continuous sound, the pre-alarm control relay is excited and the control contacts transfer. Then if the measured wind speed decrease and is less than the pre-alarm threshold, the pre-alarm sound will be stop but the indicating lamp and control relay can not be recovered automatically. The operator’s interfering is needed. Press <+1/ 預告警復原> key to extinguish the pre-alarm indicating lamp and release the pre-alarm control relay.

                            When the measured wind speed is greater than the alarm threshold the

                          FYF-2 will enter into alarm condition, the alarm indicating lamp (red) will be lit, the buzzer beeps out a continuous sound, the alarm control relay is excited and the control contacts transfer. Then if the measured wind speed decrease and is less than the alarm threshold, the alarm sound will be stop but the indicating lamp and control relay can not be recovered automatically. The operator’s interfering is needed. Press <-1/ 告警復原> key to extinguish the alarm indicating lamp and release the alarm control relay.

                             When alarm takes place the FYF-2 is always in the pre-alarm condition already since the alarm threshold is greater than pre-alarm threshold. In such situation even if the wind speed is less than pre-alarm threshold, press the <-1/告警復原>key only to reset the alarm function, not to reset the pre-alarm function. On the contrary,press <+1/預告警復原> not only reset pre-alarm but also reset alarm since the pre-alarm is low level alarm function but the alarm is high level alarm function.

                          4.2.3 Analog output of wind speed:

                            The FYF-2 outputs an analog signal which is direct proportional to wind speed. The analog output could be voltage output or current output.

                            The voltage analog output: FYF-2 outputs 0VDC to 4.17VDC voltage corresponding to 0 to 50 m/s wind speed. The load resistance should not be less than 100KΩand the electric wiring diagram of voltage output is shown in Fig.4.

                            The Current analog output: FYF-2 outputs 0 mA to 16.67 mA current corresponding to 0 to 50 m/s wind speed. When the external power supply is 24VDC, the total resistance of the current loop should be less than 1 kΩ and electric wiring diagram is shown in Fig.5.

                          Analog Output Voltage and Current vs. Wind Speed

                          Wind speed







                          Analog voltage







                          Analog current







                          Wind speed







                          Analog voltage







                          Analog current








                          1. The integrity of FYF-2:

                          The FYF-2 should include the following items:

                          a. Main part of FYF-2 wind speed alarm                   1 set

                          b. Wind speed sensor of FYF-2                           1 set

                          c. Operation Manual of FYF-2 Wind Speed Alarm            1 copy

                          d. Quality certificate                                    1 copy

                          e. Electric cable (Connect sensor and main part)              20m

                                                                (Other length is optional)

                          1. Service after sale:

                          With in 12 months after delivery any defective product caused by defects in workmanship, material or components will be repaired or replaced by supplier free of charge. After warranty period or damage caused by misuse, the supplier will still be responsible for the repairing but the custom should pay the cost of repairing.

                          Repairing by the manufacturer will be recommended. If the customs want to repair FYF-2 themselves, it should be done by qualified electronic technicians and they should get acquaint with the operating principle of FYF-2 beforehand to prevent man-made damage.      

                          7. Appearance dimensions:  



                          1. FYY-2 風速告警儀結構框圖:Fig.1 The construction block diagram of FYF-2 wind speed alarm

                          風速傳感器:Wind speed sensor


                          脈寬調制用振蕩器:Oscillator for pulse width modulation

                          按鍵:Key paid

                          看門狗:Watching dog timer

                          220VAC電源:220VAC power supply

                          單片計算機:Single chip microcomputer

                          LED顯示器:LED display

                          預告警控制繼電器:Control relay for pre-alarm

                          預告警指示燈:Indicating lamp of pre-alarm

                          告警控制繼電器:Control relay for alarm

                          告警指示燈:Indicating lamp of alarm

                          聲告警控制電路:Control circuit of alarm sound

                          脈寬調制輸出:PWM output

                          脈寬/電壓變換電路:Pulse width / voltage converter

                          0—4.17V模擬信號輸出:0 – 4.17V analog signal output

                          0 – 16.67 mA 模擬信號輸出:0 – 16.67 mA analog signal output

                          電壓/電流變換器:Voltage/current converter


                          2. 風速告警儀安裝接線圖:Fig.2 Diagram of electric wiring for the installation of FYF-2 wind speed alarm

                          風速傳感器:Wind speed sensor

                          接線端子排:Terminal array for connecting

                          至市電 220VAC 50Hz: To the public mains 220VAC 50Hz


                          3. 接線端子排端子定義:Fig. The terminal definition of the terminal array


                          預告警轉換接點:The transfer contacts for pre-alarm

                          告警轉換接點:The transfer contacts for alarm

                          電流輸出:The current output

                          電壓輸出:  The voltage output


                          4. 風速模擬電壓輸出時的接線:Fig.4 Wiring diagram used for voltage output of the wind speed analog signal

                          電壓輸出:The voltage output

                          至用戶系統:To the user’s application system


                          5. 風速模擬電流輸出時的接線:Fig.5 Wiring diagram used for current output of the wind speed analog signal

                          輸出電流:The current output

                          采樣電阻:The sampling resistor

                          用戶電源:The user’s power supply

                          至用戶設備:To user’s equipment


                          6. FYF-2風速告警儀面板外形圖:Fig.6 The appearance of front panel of FYF-2 wind speed alarm

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